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Special sealant solar modules

Product Description Excellent UV resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance, high temperature (-50 ℃ ~ 220 ℃), insulation, moisture-proof, water proof, anti-dirt, anti-hail impact, and for most metals and non-metallic materials with good adhesion on the surrounding environment does not produce pollution.
1 For best sealing results, to be sealed, adhesive surface should be kept clean and dry.
2: The sealant seals the surface to be painted in a closed plastic continuous line.
3: after opening a run out as much as possible. An unused, re-use, squeeze out the part has been cured after continuous use.
Dedicated to solar modules borders sealed, solar module junction box of the bonding, sealing and other solar lamps.
Technical parameters
Test item number
1 Appearance white, black paste
2 Dry time (min) (25 ℃, 55%) 3-10
3 Hardness (Shore A) 36
4 Elongation (%) 450
5 Tensile strength (Mpa) 2.2
6 Volume resistivity ((Ω · m) ≥ 1.0x1014
7 Breakdown voltage (kv / mm) ≥ 15
8 full curing time / h (2mm thickness) (25 ℃, 55%) 3 ~ 8
9 1000w of UV light according to the 100 hours non-yellowing, surface cracking

Packaging and storage
1: The products according to customers' different requirements, divided into different colors and packaging.
2: This product is non-toxic and non-dangerous goods, to avoid exposure to rain load, store in a cool (25 ℃ or less) dry place, shelf life 9 months.
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