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PCB circuit board waterproof sealant

     This product is mainly used in electrical and electronic industries, products are divided into clear-and flame retardant. Can be room temperature or heat curing. This product has vulcanized rubber before the end viscosity, easy pouring, curing and hold heat, without low molecular weight released shrinkage is small, non-corrosive, vulcanized rubber in -60 ℃ ∽ 250 ℃ under long-term use, with a moisture-proof, water-resistant, anti-radiation, weather and aging characteristics. room temperature curing, for large quantities of potting, electrical performance is superior, for the encapsulation of electronic components, bonding, coating materials, from moisture, insulation, shock-proof, fire retardant and so on.
Technical parameters:
Type universal
Appearance black / white / transparent
Sticky mpa · s 3000
The relative density of 25 ℃ 1.0
Applicable period of 25 ℃ / h 2
Curing time h / ℃ 24/25
Use the ratio A: B 100:5
Hardness JISA 20
Elongation at break% 200
Tensile strength Mpa /
Volume resistivity 1X1014
Breakdown Voltage KV / mm 20
Dielectric constant 1MHz 3
Dielectric loss 100KHZ 3X10_3
Thermal conductivity W / m.k 0.23


  1, according to the specific requirements of selected type and flame retardant products transparent, transparent, according to a certain percentage of type A, B uniform mixing two components, the vacuum can be used after deaeration, flame-retardant plastic material placed on long-term precipitation, using stir before each, then A, B component mixing evenly, can be used after row of bubbles.

   2, encapsulation of electrical components should be clean, dry flood or dry, at room temperature before filling and sealing, vacuum to remove air bubbles after potting.
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