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Potting electronic components


This product is mainly used in electrical and electronic industry, the products are vulcanized rubber before the end viscosity, easy pouring, curing and hold heat, without low molecular weight released shrinkage is small, non-corrosive, vulcanized rubber in the temperature of -60 ℃ ~ +200 ℃ within the long-term use, flexibility; with moisture, water, radiation, weather and aging characteristics, suitable for high-volume casting, excellent dielectric properties, ozone resistance, resistance to weather aging performance.
Main purpose:
Widely used in electronic components, optical instruments, electric heater parts, piping package; can be used for a variety of glass and sticky after sealing equipment, medical equipment, lighting sealing, bonding;

Technical parameters:
    Appearance transparent, white, black paste
   Operating time (25 ℃) 10 minutes
   Curing conditions 25 ℃ × 2-4H
   Tensile strength 0.9mpa
   Tear strength 26KN / m
   Elongation ≥ 400%
   Hardness 20-35
   Excellent temperature resistance, -40 +250 ℃ prolonged use under high temperature
   Electric strength ≥ 15kV/mm
   Volume resistivity ≥ 1013Ω • cm;

Storage and packaging: 100ml, 300ml loaded

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