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One-component silicone around the dam

High-power LED-component silicone adhesive around the dam G998W Product Manual

Properties and Uses:

       G998T is a one-component heat curing adhesive power LED Dam silicone rubber, the product is good adhesion, high strength, excellent anti-aging properties. With a moisture-proof, waterproof, resistant to ozone, radiation-resistant, weather-resistant and aging characteristics, can be high temperature 260 ℃. Electrical properties, good chemical stability.

       The product is dedicated to PTC's inner bonding, PCB aluminum plate bonding Dam, also be used as electronic, electrical, instrumentation components of the adhesive, from moisture, shock, insulation, sealing effect.

Typical Specifications

  Technical Requirements
Before curing
  Transparent, white
  Curing conditions
  150 ℃ × 15 分钟
  Shear strength Mpa
  ≥ 2 .. 5
  Elongation at Break%
  ≥ 80
  Tensile strength MPa
  ≥ 4.0
  Shore hardness HA
  50 ± 5
  Volume resistivity Ω · cm
  0.5 × 1014
  MHz relative permittivity


1. The product stored at low temperature environment, using the balance at room temperature before placing 1 to 2 hours before use.

(2) Prior to use, the first component to be bonded surfaces clean. Then the G998 to be uniform coating on the bonding of the device. (Can be painted and silk screening with the way sizing) can be heated by curing conditions.

Packaging, storage and transportation

1. The product under low temperature storage in 0-10 ℃, the product effective storage period of 6 months, extended re-inspection, if they meet the standards, can still be used.

(2) The product packaging for 310ml, or consultation requirements specified by the user package.

3. This product is non-dangerous goods storage and transportation.


1 This product easily with P, S, N of organic compounds "poison" and affect the curing effect, use attention to cleanliness, to prevent contamination of.

2. This product should not join with the water and the condensation type curing agent silicone rubber, epoxy resin curing agent added, mixed or other contact with polyurethane.



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