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Special silica glass solar concentrator

Transparent silicone products with silica - glass, special silicone solar concentrator

Product Description
QJ-2558A / B, QJ-2558A / B is a platinum complex catalyst curing two-component transparent liquid silicone rubber, the basic compound, crosslinking agent, catalyst, additives.
Transparency requirements for forming a high after the field, such as solar concentrator glass, solar lens and so on.
Strong adhesion, high transparency, high-temperature, low shrinkage, the product does not contain heavy metals and aromatic solvents, curing process does not produce volatile substances, environmental protection and the human body without toxic effects.
The A and B mixed at a 1:1 ratio of compression molding, 150 ℃ × 5MINS vulcanization molding, depending on the thickness of products, extend or shorten the curing time.
  Performance indicators
Test unit G2050A / B G2583A / B
Hardness ShoreA 40 50
Tensile strength MPa 2.8 2.1
Elongation% 200 260
Tear Strength KN / m 2 2
Viscosity mpa.s 3000 3000

Packaging Store
20kg / barrel. Room temperature, away from light, moisture-proof storage
1 can not access with N, P, S and other organic matter, Sn, Pb, Hg, Bi, As and other ionic compounds, including alkynes and vinyl compounds, in order to avoid poisoning the platinum catalyst can not be cured.
2. A mixed with B, must be used within 12 hours, in principle, will slow crosslinking, which led to failure, if the ambient temperature is high, should attract even more attention.

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