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SMD Chip package silicone

SMD chip packaging silicone G3360A / B Product Manual

I. Features:

1, the product, A, B component packaging, are colorless and transparent liquid, dark environment can be saved due date.

2, the silicon - oxygen (Si-O) bond-based chain structure, and therefore can not easily be decomposed by UV light and ozone, unparalleled key exists, at a high temperature (or radiation) molecular bond is not broken, in the -. 50 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ within the range switch to long-term use. After seven days of 300 ℃ to strengthen the test changes, do not crack, does not harden, crack colloid by the external force can be automatically healed.
3, gel was colorless and transparent gel after curing the body, the PPA and metal have a good adhesion and sealing.
4, has excellent electrical insulation properties and good sealing.
5, suitable for packaging SMD TOP LED.
Item Specifications
Before curing (A component) Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Viscosity mPa · s (25 ℃) 3000
Uncured (B-component) Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Viscosity mPa · s (25 ℃) 2500
Column using a 1:1 ratio
Mixed Viscosity mPa · s (25 ℃) 3000
Typical curing conditions are 110 ℃ × 1h +150 ℃ × 3 h
After curing the appearance of transparent elastomer
Hardness (ShoreA) 55
Refractive index (25 ℃) 1.41
Transmittance (%, 450 nm)> 96

Second, the recommended process: different packaging process, it is recommended to use a different ratio, it will get better results.
1, by weight ratio of A: B = 1:1 ratio with glue and stir 8 minutes.
2, vacuum deaeration for 10 minutes.
3, before the plastic injection, insert frame and lens preheated at 130 ℃ for 60 minutes in addition to wave.
4, the first 110 ℃ bake 1 hour and then heated to 150 ℃ bake 3 hours, sub-effective solution to the bubble problem can be cured to improve yield.
Third, note
Production should be calculated with a good amount of glue to be in operation within the plastic used. Must be evenly mixed with glue, otherwise it will not completely cure affect product performance. This product is silicone rubber products, the use of the process and what substances should be taken to avoid contact with:
Organic tin compounds and other organic metal compounds;
Organotin compounds in silicone rubber;
Sulfur, and more sulfur compounds, polysulfone, and other sulfur-containing materials;
Amine, urethane or other amine-containing material;
Unsaturated hydrocarbon plasticizers;

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