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High power LED high silica QK-5573A/B folding package

High power LED high silica QK-5573A/B folding package

Product features:

This product is a two-component high refractive silicone fluid sealant. Mainly for large power and small size package, suitable for small SMD package such as 3014, 3528, 5050 series, with high light transmittance of high refractive index and high hardness. The electrical properties, breathable performance,the metal (copper, silver, aluminum) and other metal materials and PPAexcellent adhesion, and excellent thermal stability, resistance to high temperature of 250 ℃ can be a long time. Can be used for a long time at the temperature of -60~+220 ℃. And has excellent thermal aging property and therange of visible light penetration.


Appearance: colorless transparent liquid component A

The components of B: colorless transparent liquid

Viscosity (25 ℃,

Rotational viscometer) components of A: 29000mPa.S

The components of B: 2700mPa.S

The mixed viscosity 5500-5650 mPa.S

Mixed operation time 6H

Performance evaluation

The test conditions and results

Hardness shore D hardness tester 65

The transmittance of 450nm (%) gauge '99.3% UV Spectrophotometry

The refractive index of refraction instrument 1.54

Density (g/cm3)

Group A: 1.04

Group B: 1.02

Shear bonding strength (PPA, kg/nm2) (PPA, kg/nm2) / 0.48

The elastic modulus Mpa



Dielectric coefficient (1.2MHz) / 2.8

The bending strength of MPa (1.2MHz) 55

Breakdown voltage (KVmm) / > 25

Thermal conductivity of 0.25

Guidelines on the use of:

1 use ratio: 5573A 1; 5573B 2

2 A, B material are evenly mixed according to proportion, put under vacuumdeaeration 30-40 minutes (the residual rubber air removed, so as not to affectthe tightness);

3 deaeration is completed, use of the syringes or dispensing filling, fillingprocess of curing process.

4 curing conditions: 110 ℃ /1h (a sulfide) +150 ℃ /3.5h (two vulcanization)

Storage conditions: room temperature, sealed storage in a cool dry place.

Quality guarantee period: under the above conditions for a period of 6 months,shelf life after inspection qualified can continue to use.

Packaging specifications: A group: 0.5 Kg/ barrel; group B: 0.5Kg/ bucket;

Note: store process must ensure with phosphorus (P), sulfur (S), nitrogen (N)and organic tin (Sn) contact, mix with a good try finished within 6 hours.

Safety: 1 product application note labor wear, avoid high temperature burn in the construction process, forbidden to eat.

2 be careful using this product, before use, please use Caution! Matters. In addition, shall also abide by the relevant security regulations of the state orlocal government regulations. (detailed safety guidelines refer to the corresponding MSDS)

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