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LED packaging silicone

Thixotropic gel of high viscosity forming, can be directly formed lens or asemicircle shape, high temperature not collapse after forming.

2, the product of sapphire, glass and ceramics with excellent adhesion,adhesion on filament support firmly, bond stress lasting;

3, the product after curing, good light transmission performance, anti ultraviolet performance, can be in -60  ~ 250  for outdoor use;

4, excellent thixotropy.

Scope of application: applicable to MCOB and LED filament products such aspackaging

Typical properties:

Ordinal item number value unit


1 appearance: A: - white, - white B:

2 viscosity component A (25 ) 45000 ± 5000 mPa • s

3 viscosity component B (25 ) 3000 ± 300 mPa • s

4 mixed viscosity (25 ) micro white colloid

After curing

5 hardness (25 ) 50 ± 5 shore A

Instructions for use:

1, A, B glue in the weight ratio of 1:1 after mixing, packed in glass bottles, such as in the mixing process in the air, should be before the adhesive to the filament and the material, use vacuum to completely extract.

2, the substrate in the glue should be thoroughly cleaned and dried to removeimpurities, water, oil, dust etc..

3, curing conditions: 100  drying for 1 hours (must be exhausted before thebubble drying), 150  oven for 3 hours.

4, LED filament after curing, not pre reflow should be sealed or vacuum packaging preservation, to prevent moisture absorption.

5, A, B glue mixture must be finished within 6 hours.

Note: some of the materials, chemical agent, curing agent and plasticizer can inhibit the elastomer cured. The most notable include:

1, organic tin and other metal organic compounds

2, sulfur, polysulfide, polysulfones or other sulfur-containing items

3, amine, polyurethane rubber or ammonia containing items

4, phosphorus or phosphorus containing items

5, some flux residue

If in doubt whether can inhibit the curing of a certain material or material, we recommend a compatibility experiments to test the suitability for a particularapplication. If the existence of packaging material of uncured elastomer material interface between the substrate and the cured doubt, thatincompatible, will inhibit the curing.

Packing: 1, glass or plastic bottles packaging, specifications have 1kg, group 2kg/, group 4kg/ packaging.

2, indicated on the package name, brand name, batch number, weight,manufacturer, production date.

Save: 1, this product should be below 25 , avoid light and closed storage.

2, the product storage period is 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Statement: all data contained herein are for reference only, and is believed to be reliable, for any one approach is adopted to get beyond our control results,we will not be responsible for each user, suggested in the official use of the former should be based on data provided by the first test.


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