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Silicone main chain structure


       Polysiloxane (referred to as polysiloxane), commonly known as silicone, is a class to repeat the main chain Si-O bond, the silicon atoms directly connected to organic groups on the polymerization

Things, the formula is:

Where, R on behalf of organic groups, such as methyl, phenyl, etc.; n for the silicon atoms connected to organic groups on the number (between 1 to 3); m is the degree of polymerization (m is not less than 2).

         Its commercial products include: silicone oil, silicone ring body, silicone rubber, silicone resin.

         Polysiloxane in history has been called "silicone" (Silicone), silicone will now appear in some cases, such as catalogs. In China, the habit of silane monomers and polysiloxanes collectively referred to as organic silicon compounds, and said polysiloxane fluid is silicone oil, polysiloxane rubber is silicone rubber, silicone resin, polysiloxane resin.

    Polysiloxane main chain structure of Si-O-Si structure, essentially the same as with the quartz, the difference in their side groups attached to organic groups.
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