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RTV China has developed nanomaterials

    June 24, 2009, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Board and the Planning Bureau based peer organization, the National Center for Nanoscience, Institute of Process Engineering and China Electric Power Research Institute Cooperation to complete the "new anti-pollution power flash RTV nanocomposite silicone rubber (RTV) material "were identified.

The Group believes that meeting, the project has developed a layered structure of hydrotalcite particles step synthesis of new technology, synthesis of nano-needle-doped α-FeOOH, Mg-Ca-Ce composite oxide, improved RTV coating material anti-aging properties and service life; through multi-scale nanoparticle compound, coupling effects of different surface, greatly improving the RTV coating adhesion, migration hydrophobicity, electrical properties, mechanical properties such as overall performance; the formation of nano-particle surface design , dispersion and complex series of core process technology, the new anti-pollution flashover RTV nanocomposite materials prepared by the amplification process. In the test sample by the Chinese power industry electrical equipment and instrumentation quality inspection center of the third-party testing, the inspection type 17 pilot projects met or better than the industry standard DL/T627-2004 requirements, the cost is superior to domestic and foreign similar products.

The group agreed that the project developed a new nano electric anti flashover compound RTV silicone rubber (RTV) material has reached the international advanced level. Given the results have broad application prospects and good economic and social benefits, it is recommended as soon as possible hanging experiments and large-scale production.

Finally, former vice minister of Ministry of Electric Power, National Grid Advisory Luting Chang pointed out that the results of the completion of scientific research institutes and user units together to overcome technical difficulties, demand for basic research and engineering product of the combination, the cooperation should be further expanded in future play a greater The leading and exemplary role.

CAS Vice President Bai Chunli that the project for the power system needs a major anti-pollution flashover, made of inorganic - organic nanocomposite coating materials, anti-fouling flash new innovative ideas, through the material formulation system, preparation and equipment Integration System, developed with independent intellectual property rights of integrated performance of RTV nanocomposites. Bai stressed that the project has witnessed the Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Grid co-operation, scientific research institutes and industry sectors to promote the results of joint efforts. This result is to rely on the strength of the CAS Institute of innovation, and seamless cooperation of both sides should actively participate in the CAS model of industrial restructuring; is a major strategic needs for the national model; is working closely with the research model. Suggested that both sides further strengthen cooperation, to put the project into a solid industry, resulting in greater economic and social benefits.

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